FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp [2024] – Which is Better

In this digital world, where messaging apps establish a connection between us daily, there’s a secret realm of unique modified versions of WhatsApp like FM WhatsApp and aero WhatsApp. Both FM Whatsapp and Aero Whatsapp have extraordinary power in the chat app. So, in this article I’ll make a comparison of FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp on the basis of similarities and differences.

Therefore, choosing a helpful app for a better experience can be difficult for you, as both apps have similarities and variations. But it will be easy peasy after reading this article because I will share detailed functions of both apps, making it easier for you to select the right one. 

Now, I will dig into how these applications are distinctive regarding their features. Let’s move on. 

Similarities between FM Whatsapp and Aero WhatsApp

To understand the comparison of FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp, the users must analyse their similarities. Below are some similarities of FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp.

Freeze Last Seen 

In both FM Whatsapp and Aero WhatsApp, you can freeze your last seen from unwanted people. From this option, you can hide your previous status if you do not want to show others your activities or what you do on WhatsApp. Even people can only know whether you are online. 

The procedure to avail of this option in FM Whatsapp is as follows:

Go to setting > click on privacy option > turn on freeze last seen 

Here is the process in Aero WhatsApp:

Open Aero Privilege >tap on privacy,>  Enable freeze last seen 

Resend Messages Without Forwarded Tags

FM Whatsapp and Aero Whatsapp allow users to resend messages without a forwarded tag. You can share the same message with multiple contacts without alerting them that it has been forwarded.  

Hide View Status

  Both modes provide the ability to hide view status. You can view the status of anyone without letting them know you have seen their status. 

Send Unlimited Images At Once

Both apps allow you to share unlimited pictures at once. You can send more than ten images and videos in no time. 

Separation of Chat And Groups

Yes, it is possible to separate chat and groups in these applications. 

Chat lock. To get this feature, you must enable “separate groups and chat” in settings.

Screenshots of Aero Whatsapp

Differences Between Both FM and Aero WhatsApp

These apps have some dissimilarities which make one better than the others. On the basis of these differences you can make a better comparison of Fm Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp. These contrasts are discussed below: 

Send Unlimited Messages in One Tap

Aero WhatsApp has fantastic features that FM Whatsapp lacks. This feature is just for you if you want to send a single message multiple times to irritate your friends. Now, instead of typing, copying, and pasting a message, you can send a text with just one click in Aero WhatsApp.

To do this:

  • Write a message you want to send and put a quantity in the value field.
  • Click on the target icon and see your mobile as a fighting plan.
  • So, don’t wait to try this incredible feature of Aero WhatsApp.

Turn Text Messages into Emojis

Here is another stunning option that distinguishes Aero Whatsapp from FM Whatsapp. Now, you can convert a message into emojis in just one tab in Aero WhatsApp. , you need to type a letter and click on the emoji icon for this. This is as easy as pie.  

Anti-View Once

The “Anti-view once” feature is present in Aero WhatsApp. FM Whatsapp does not accommodate you with this variation. In FM Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, and official Whatsapp, if someone sends you a video and pictures in “view once,” you are expected to check it only once. But you can see it numerous times on Aero WhatsApp by turning on the “Anti-view once” option in the settings. 

Themes (3000+)

 You can enjoy more than 3000 themes in just Aero WhatsApp. You can change themes every day according to your state of mind. 

 Aero WhatsApp offers you themes of different styles, colors, and backgrounds every time. To get this, here are the procedures: 

Go to the setting > tab on “Themes” option > download a unique theme. 

Enable Always Online

Aero WhatsApp enables you to confuse your friends by always being online and using WhatsApp till late at night. By enabling this option, your contact members can see you online even if you are offline. But FM Whatsapp does not give you this advantage. 

Update Box

Aero WhatsApp has a unique user interface that is different from other WhatsApp apps like FM WhatsApp. The new visuals are awe-inspiring. When you tap “about the app” in settings, you will see details of this app like version, package, web, and even the details of developers designed beautifully. 

Day /Night icon

Now, I will explain another fantastic benefit that Aero WhatsApp facilitates users: the “day/night icon.” You can uncover this icon in the upper right corner of your chat interface, representing moon and sun symbols. By clicking this icon, you can change the background of your chat. 

The night mood, with a moon symbol, is excellent for nighttime, and day modes, with sun symbols, is perfect when there’s low light around you. It protects your eyes and improves the overall user experience.

The FM Whatsapp community still needs to launch this type of function.


Aero WhatsApp has extra versatile ” notification features,” which FM Whatsapp does not have. You will get notifications when someone from your contact number is online and when they are typing a message to send you or make changes to their profile photo. 

Final Thoughts: FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp

To sum up, both modes offer you unique features. As you look at its variations, it is crystal clear that each app has its exclusive style to enhance user experience. 

FM Whatsapp and Aero WhatsApp are not just simple applications; a door to chatting works where what you decide matters. Therefore, read my complete article before downloading one app because I shared all the information about FM Whatsapp vs Aero Whatsapp, which enable you to select one app. But if I talk about my opinion, I prefer FM WhatsApp rather than Aero WhatsApp.

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