FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold [2024] – Which One is Superior?

Whatsapp, a unified communication platform, has connected people across the world. However, due to extra features, people often use modified versions of WhatsApp. Choosing a modified version wisely is like rolling a dice and getting what you actually want, but it is not necessary to get results in your favor.

Have you ever make a comparison of FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold? FM WhatsApp and Whatsapp Gold are both modified versions of regular WhatsApp. Both are prominent in certain circles of people due to their special features. I have closely examined both applications and discussed some top-notch similarities and differences between FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold. 

By reading this comparison between FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold, you will be able to choose the best mod version for your usage. Let’s dive into some points that will play a crucial role in differentiating both mod versions of Whatsapp. 

Screenshot of FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold

Differences Between FM Whatsapp and Whatsapp Gold

Before comparing FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold the users must read differences between them. Following are certain top-notch features that are somehow different in both modified versions. Some features are quite similar in both. Let’s dissect the features.


Limited information is in the market regarding the developers of modified versions of WhatsApp. FM WhatsApp was developed by a single developer named “FM Mokdad” pertaining to Fouad Whatsapp. 

Flipping the coin to the developer of Whatsapp Gold, it is also developed by an independent third-party Arab developer named Abu Arab. The developer is a hidden gem who has designed the fabulous outlook of WhatsApp Gold.  


Icons are visual cues that indicate some application. They are used for rapid identification. The icon of FM Whatsapp is casual but slightly different from official WhatsApp. The color of the icon of FM WhatsApp is dark green and white, while in official WhatsApp, a light green and white combination is being used. 

Whatsapp Gold’s icon is a different kettle of fish. The use of a golden color makes the icon more catchy. The launcher icon is a combination of golden and white colors. The icons can be changed from settings according to your relevant modified WhatsApp. 

Main Screen user interface

The user interface of the home screen in both apps is slightly different from each other. Besides certain similarities like airplane mode, search bar, and settings, there are certain differences on the home screen, too. The add multiple accounts option is available on the header of the home screen of Whatsapp Gold but is missing in the header of the home screen interface. 

Pictorial representations of different options on the header of the main screen are somehow different in both apps. Options and their functionalities are the same but their visual icons are different in both. 

Goldmods vs Fmmods

Extra settings are presented in different sections of settings named mods. In FM WhatsApp, the section containing extra features and settings is named fmmods. But in Whatsapp Gold, this section or settings section is named as Goldmods. The name is different in both mods, but the concept remains the same. 

Ghost Mode Setup

Ghost mode is an option that can be utilized when you want to show yourself offline without being offline. In FM Whatsapp and Whatsapp Gold, the option is available. But in Whatsapp Gold, the guide for using this option is available within the setting. This guide is not available on FM Whatsapp. 

Profile picture toast

This is a mind-blowing option for you if you want to stay updated with every action of your saved contacts they do. You will receive a toast when someone from your contacts changes the profile picture. You can disable this option from notification settings. The location of the toast can be selected accordingly. This option is not available on FM WhatsApp. 

Extra WhatsApp effects

A section named “Extra Whatsapp Effects” is available in Whatsapp Gold. In this section, three extra effects of WhatsApp are available that are not present in FM WhatsApp. These effects are basically animation effects, i.e., view pager transformer animations and two chat list animations. Within these animation options, you can choose your desired animation for pages and chats. 

Similarities between FM Whatsapp and Whatsapp Gold

Other than the differences of FM WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Gold, there are a lot of similarities between them. Similarities are discussed in the form of bullets below.

  • Separate Chats and Groups
  • Do not disturb mode(Airplane Mode)
  • Hidden Chats
  • Multiple accounts in one WhatsApp
  • Freeze Last Seen
  • Rewatch View-once media
  • View and Read Deleted Messages
  • Hide Blue Ticks
  • Call Restrictions
  • Availability of diverse themes
  • Send media without limitations

Final Thoughts

After reading the differences and similarities of FM Whatsapp vs Whatsapp Gold, it will be clear to you whether you have to use FM Whatsapp or Whatsapp Gold. Both are third-party apps with extra features. The ball is in your court: what to use and what to leave.

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