FM Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp [2024] – Which One is Best?

WhatsApp is a universal platform that connects billions of users in the messaging world. However, people seek more customisation and excellent variations to their messaging. Therefore, FM WhatsApp was launched as a strong competitor against official WhatsApp.

Consider it this way: Whatsapp is just like your old friend with whom you are familiar, while FM Whatsapp is a thrilling companion with an ace up one’s sleeves. 

My article is about the comparison of these two fellows___ FM WhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp. I will discuss all the things that make each of them remarkable and all the qualities of FM WhatsApp that compel you to switch from old WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp.

Notable Points of Fm Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp

Now, I am delving into a Comprehensive comparison of FM WhatsApp vs official WhatsApp. Let’s move:

Top Features of Fm Whatsapp And Official Whatsapp

Privacy And Security

When I talk about privacy, people are more concerned about the security of their used data, whether they are using FM WhatsApp or official WhatsApp. However, there are some differences in the privacy methods of these apps. Official WhatsApp provides end-to-end encryption for your chat. 

In contrast, FM Whatsapp, a third-party update, boasts privacy and security by adding extra variations like hiding online status, view status, blue tick, and typing options. Both apps have pros and cons regarding privacy. It only depends on you what secrecy you value the most. 

Customization And User Interface

The official Whatsapp user interface is popular due to its simplicity and ease of use. It offers you unambiguous style and customization options, which are limited compared to FM Whatsapp.

However, FM Whatsapp provides you with personalization choices for the interface. You can modify your app by changing its theme style and font according to your choices. FM WhatsApp enabled users to change chat bubble style and app icons.

Concerning customization, both apps support setting a profile photo, changing your status, and personalizing your conversation background. But if you want to control extra modification choices, then FM WhatsApp is best for you.

Stability And Updates

Official WhatsApp, created by the WhatsApp team, increases stability through in-depth testing, reducing bugs and crashes. It is more reliable than FM Whatsapp. WhatsApp releases its updates to enhance security and to solve any issue. You can check its upgrades directly from the Google Play store.

 Unlike official WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp might not be very reliable and stable. But the FM WhatsApp community is also trying to modify apps to give you extra variation.

You can’t get updates on FM Whatsapp directly, but you must go to the developers’ websites to download it. It is important to be careful about the source from where you obtain these alterations.

Enhances Media Sharing limits

There are limits to sharing files and media on official WhatsApp to ensure a seamless user experience. However, FM WhatsApp addresses user annoyance by allowing them to send more extensive media than official WhatsApp. So now, you can maintain quality while sending large-size photos and videos to your friends.

Support Multiple Accounts

To maintain privacy, official WhatsApp does not allow you to use many accounts on a single device. If it is challenging to deal with many numbers and switching between different applications looks complicated, then FM WhatsApp is for you. 

It lets you use multiple accounts on one device, which official WhatsApp lacks. Controlling various WhatsApp accounts has become uncomplicated, unlike using only official apps.

Screenshots of Official Whatsapp

For better understanding, you can also check Official Whatsapp features.

Screenshots of FM Whatsapp

For more understanding also check FM Whatsapp features.

Pros And Cons of FM WhatsApp

The advantages and disadvantages of both FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp are given below, which enables you to choose one.

Pros of FM WhatsApp

  • You can enable the “anti-delete messages” option to see deleted messages and the sender’s status.
  • You can freeze your last status, hide your online status, and type and record options.
  • You can send 50 images in high resolution at a single time.
  • In FM WhatsApp, you can deliver audio recordings of 80MB.
  •  If you are a user of FM Whatsapp, then you can share large media files up to 700 MBs.
  • You can change themes, font, notifications, and app icons according to your choices.
  • You can send different emojis on FM WhatsApp.
  • FM WhatsApp makes you capable of sending a status of 1 second.
  • FM WhatsApp allows its users to make a group of almost 30 characters.

Cons of FM WhatsApp 

 It is necessary to know the cons of FM WhatsApp because it may violate the terms of WhatsApp. Additionally, the disadvantages of FM WhatsApp may vary depending on updates shaped by developers. Here are some drawbacks you must know:

  • In unofficial FM WhatsApp, your personal information may be at risk because this app does not provide you with a complete security system.
  • If you need help with your essential data in FM WhatsApp, you may get the solution to eliminate it.
  • Your account is unsafe, so it may be banned from the WhatsApp community at the time. 
  • FM Whatsapp, unofficial WhatsApp, is not present in the Google Play Store. Therefore, you have to go to the Google website to install it.

Pros And Cons of Official Whatsapp

The users must read pros and cons of official website while doing comparison of FM Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp.

Pros of official WhatsApp

Official WhatsApp, developed by WhatsApp Inc., is outstandingly reliable:

  • You will be provided with a highly secure system in official WhatsApp, which can ensure you protect your data.
  • You can send 30 photos at once to your friends.
  • You can share your videos with your family and friends on official WhatsApp but in limited sizes.
  • In official WhatsApp, you can make a WhatsApp group of 256 participants. 
  • You will receive updates on new features on WhatsApp. Staying up-to-date with its variations is vital to increase user experiences.

Cons of Official WhatsApp

There are limited customization options for official WhatsApp as compared to FM WhatsApp:

  • You cannot send large media files via official WhatsApp.
  • If you want to forward a single message to multiple contacts, then official WhatsApp does not provide this opportunity. There is still a limitation.
  • Official WhatsApp does not permit you to make multiple accounts on one device. 

On the basis of above FM Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp pros and cons you can decide which one is best.

Final Verdict

In a nutshell, by making comparison of FM WhatsApp vs official WhatsApp, you will find that each app has unique options and features. Official WhatsApp focuses on its reliability and security. On the other hand, FM WhatsApp offers you extra variations that you might like.It depends on the user, which most likely matters, whether security options or extra variation. Read my complete article before choosing one app.

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