FM WhatsApp v10.06 APK [May 2024] – Download Latest Version

Whatsapp, an instant messaging application,  has connected people across the world. Through this application, you can even come to know whether someone is online or offline and whether someone has seen your messages or not. Download latest version of fmwhatsapp v10.06 from below.

The problem arises when you want to hide blue ticks and use WhatsApp secretly without letting people be informed. Still, if you want to eat the forbidden fruit by hiding your WhatsApp last seen, hiding groups in fm whatsapp and reading deleted messages of someone, be with me.

FM Whatsapp

FM WhatsApp is a third-party app which is developed by ”Fouad MODS.” Basically, it is an unofficial WhatsApp that offers full-fledged settings with extra perks. Almost 2 billion people are using this mind-blowing edition of whatsapp due to its popularity as it is the most preferred messaging app in the whole world. The remarkable quality is that you can download this app for free.

In this article, you will examine its functions, specs, and potential drawbacks. I will also describe the process of downloading and installing this app efficiently. After reading the process, you will consider the installation a piece of cake. It is mandatory to pay heed to those factors, due to which people love to use Fm Whatsapp update v10.06 version instead of any others. But still users can download old version of FMWhatsapp v9.98.

APP Information

In the below section, salient characteristics of FM Whatsapp are listed.

App NameFM Whatsapp
Version V10.06
Users2 Billion +
Size76 MB
Last Update 1 Hours Ago

Why should you use FM Whatsapp?

Various modes of WhatsApp are readily accessible on the Internet. An important question will come to your mind: Why should you prefer FM WhatsApp to GB Whatsapp, YoWhatsapp, and WhatsApp Plus? 

The answer is simple: FM Whatsapp offers you fabulous features that will make your digital life very easy. Now, you are not obliged to use many alternatives. For example, if you are conscious about privacy, then we suggest you use this MOD APK. It will protect your privacy.

How to download FM WhatsApp on Android for free?

If you want to download this app in a single click without having any trouble, you can easily download it from my website. I have provided the download button above. Before catching the download button, it is necessary to have a bird’ s-eye view of the requirements of this app.

Requirements To Download FM Whatsapp

  •  You should have a stable internet connection.
  • The phone must have some free memory.
  • This app is supportable on devices above Android version 4.0

Steps for Downloading

  1. Click on the download button, which is given above.
  2. The file will start downloading in the download section of your mobile browser.
  3. Show patience while downloading the file. 
  4. That’s it. Now it is completed.

How to install Fm Whatsapp Mod Apk?

After downloading the APK file, most people are unaware of the process of installation of that APK. I have provided an authentic installation guide step by step in this article. You will not face any inconvenience while installing the app.

  • Find out the download section of your browser and then click on the downloaded file of this apk. 
Install FM Whatsapp
  • Click on the install button.
  • The installation process will take a few seconds,  so please wait to complete it. Turning your mobile’s data connection off can cause problems while installing.
Installed Whatsapp
  • When the app is installed, then click the done button.
  • Now, the installation process is completed.

Permission required by FM WhatsApp after installation

After installation of any application on our device, it is necessary to grant specific permissions to that application in order to use it smoothly. For using FM Whatsapp on your mobile, it would be important to grant access to different things before using. Things for permission may vary from device to device, depending upon their operating systems. Some widely required permissions before usage of this app are given below.

  • Permission of memory of device
  • Permission of Contacts
  • Permission of Camera
  • Permission of Microphone
  • Mobile notifications

These permissions are important to be given to FM Whatsapp, a messaging application, in order to utilize all the features of the app. If you do not permit some of the things mentioned above, FM WhatsApp will not be able to access those things and utilize them for some purpose. Now, it’s in your power to grant permission or refuse to grant.

How To Use For the First Time

  • Click the Fmwhatsapp icon from your phone drawer to open the app.
  • If it requires you to allow access to photos, media, and files, then permit it because it is mandatory to use this app.
Allow Access

●     To use this app, you have to enter the phone number on which you want to make a WhatsApp account.

Give Number

●  Now verify your phone number. You will get an OTP  to your given number via text message or telephone call. If you are using the given number on your Android, then it will automatically be verified; otherwise, you have to put an OTP manually if the number is on some other phone.

Complete Verification
  • After verification, you can set your profile by entering your name, picture, and any other required information.
  • An interchange log will be shown after a successful login; you can skip it.
  • Congratulations! You have completed all the given steps. Now, You are ready to connect with contacts.

If you want to manage your FM Mods files then you can use cx file explorer that will help you in quick browsing your required files.

Best Features of FM Whatsapp APK

Use One Account on Different Devices

In the latest version of FM Mods, this feature has its charm. Now, you can use one account on different devices. Before this update, it was not possible to use one account on another device without Whatsapp Web. But Now you can use your WhatsApp account on some other device, too.

This feature is accessible from the “Add account” option, and here, you can use an existing mobile number by scanning the QR Code on your primary mobile. It is the vice versa of “multiple accounts on same device”. We can call it the “same account on multiple devices.”

Add Same Account
Settings Option

Multiple accounts on one device

It is a recently updated feature of fm whatsapp to use two FM accounts on the same device. Most of the people use different accounts for different purposes. They often use a business account for their work and another account for family and friends. 

Before the functionality of this feature, people used clone whatsapp for arranging their accounts. But now you can use 2 accounts on one device. It is easy to change between both FM accounts.

Add Account

Ghost Mode

If you want to use WhatsApp without showing all your actions, then this option is only for you. People will think that you are offline, but it will be vice versa. By enabling this option, you can use whatsapp secretly without any visibility of being online and without showing blue ticks.

You’ll obtain each message sent by anybody. Only one tick will be visible to the sender. You can watch statuses secretly, and your WhatsApp last seen will be frozen. 

Active Ghost Mode

Tick styles

Ticks are basically a confirmation symbol to indicate whether messages are read and delivered or not. A Plethora of tick styles is present in FM WhatsApp; on the other hand, in regular WhatsApp, a single tick style is available. 

Many people love to customize their apps with different styles. For the sake of customization, you can use different styles of ticks. More than 70 styles of ticks are available within fm whatsapp. You can choose and use them. 

Choose Tick Style

Flight Mode(Don’t Disturb) 

If You are online and Working on some other application and sick of the messages, you can enable flight mode from the icon present on the homepage header. Flight mode turns off whatsapp connection to the Internet.

You are unable to receive any messages on WhatsApp, and you show offline to others even if Mobile data or wifi is on. It is a mind-blowing feature if you get irritated by messages after enabling data; you can enable and disable Flight mode from the homepage.

Aeroplane Mode

Message Scheduler

It is an amazing option that helps people to maintain their commitment to others. Sometimes,  you have to message someone at a specific time, but due to Busy schedules and other problems,  you forget to send them a message at the right Time.

It is a type of option in which you pre-determine and schedule your message whom you want to send. This option is for those who often forget things.  

You just have to schedule the message and at a specific time,  a message will automatically be sent to the very person. You have to schedule the message. But for this option, the data connection is necessary. It means that data/wifi should be on, and then a message will be automatically sent.

Schedule Images

Message a Number

Another tricky option is available in fmwhatsApp v10.06 but not available in Official WhatsApp. It is an ordinary practice that if you want to send a message to someone,  it is necessary to save the number first on your mobile phone.  

Then you have to refresh whatsapp contacts in order to load that contact. It was a slightly time-consuming process, and it was itching when someone was in a hurry to message someone.

 Message a Number feature made the process easy peasy. You have to click on the very option ” Message a Number,” and in the popup, add the country code with your mobile number and select the relevant option from three, i.e., message,  call, and Video call; click on the relevant option whether you have to call them or message them, automatically it will lead you to Chat Screen. 

Put Phone Number

Extra privacy Layers

Extra Privacy features make this app fruitful. If you are extra conscious about your privacy regarding different things,  then these options are for you. Hiding Blue-ticks,  hiding typing,  hiding your online status, hideview status and many other options are embedded in it. 

Check Privacy Settings

Multisteps/Two steps chat locks 

 It is a habit of almost every individual to enable passwords or fingerprints on their mobile phones. This thing can be done via different methods. Especially if we talk about WhatsApp Protection, most people lock their WhatsApp.

Mobile phones require a password or fingerprint upon opening the whatsapp app. But if you want to add extra protection by locking some individual chats,  you can enable it in WhatsApp, and you can do so with some WhatsApp groups.

Chat Lock

Call Feature Enable/Disable 

It is also a part of privacy if you are conscious about the calls you receive. You can select from the option who can make a call on your WhatsApp, and you can even turn off all calls from this setting. This feature is very helpful if you don’t want to receive calls from anonymous numbers. You can also select the action required. 

Enable Call Feature

Files Sharing Limitations

There are certain limitations on sharing media, i.e., images, videos, and documents on other types of WhatsApp. But Fm WhatsApp is free from file-sharing limitations. You can send Files up to 1000 mb. This feature is helpful for those individuals who usually share and receive Bulk files on their WhatsApp. At first, this option was present in other apps like Telegram, but later, it was added to this app. 

Choose Forward Limit

Built-in Translator

Suppose you are one of those individuals who often deal in different languages and often have to translate those messages whose language is unfamiliar to you. In that case, this option is only for you. There is no need to open other translator apps further.

 You can translate the messages within your whatsapp with a single click. For your ease,  you can even choose the default translation language instead of searching for the relevant language every Time. 

Choose Language
Choose Font Option

Availability of Diverse Themes

We all know that the User Interface of any application matters a lot. Some people love to change the UI constantly. But most of the time, we don’t find integrated themes and other UI-related options for any app. 

In FM Whatsapp, almost 4032 themes are integrated within the app for the sake of the user’s convenience. You can download these themes within the app. You can also load your favorite themes present in SD Card or Phone Storage to this app.

Theme Settings

Separation of Chats and Groups

If you are sick and tired of a combination of individual chats and groups, this option can prove to be a blessing in disguise for you. Individual chats and groups are separate in Fm whatsapp. You can easily switch between chats and groups by swiping left and right.

Chat And Group Settings

Read Deleted Message

 If you are a Curious George and love to read deleted messages of someone, then it is a win-win situation for you after knowing about this option. By the grace of this option, you can read and enjoy the messages someone deleted while having a chat with you. This thing works even if someone deletes messages for everyone. 

Read Deleted Messages

Status Saver within the app

People from our contact list update different types of statuses, including images, videos, and text, according to their interests and needs. If someone tends to save or copy the status shared by anyone, they can save and copy it from the built-in feature without taking help from third-party apps. 

Status Saver Option

FM Whatsapp vs Official Whatsapp

On the basis of features, we will compare FM WhatsApp with official Whatsapp and will conclude which one of them is more beneficial in terms of the provision of extra features. Let’s delve into their comparison.

FeaturesFM Whatsapp APKOfficial Whatsapp
Freeze Last Seen
Antiview once
Name on homescreen
Fonts Variations
Status Download
Hidden Chats
Hide Bluetick
Dp Download
Disable Incoming Calls
Status Length 255 Characters139 Characters
Files SharingUp to 1000 MB100 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

This app is a top-notch choice for its users because of a variety of diverse In-built features. It is popular among people due to the provision of extra features than other types of whatsapp. If any bugs or glitches are found in the app, the team is 24/7 available to handle the problems and most of the time, they immediately launch the app’s update.

FM Whatsapp is a third party app but it is claimed to be a legal app. You will not observe any illegal things being performed in the app.

This matter varies from device to device. Many devices allow us to use these both alongside. Some devices restrict to use the one from both. You can check by installing and using both on your mobile.

There can be various reasons for not working FM Whatsapp.  Due to bugs, it can stop working.  Another reason for stopping can be internet problems. It is important to update this app regularly in order to avoid problems. 

Users are very concerned about their privacy. It is the question of every individual whether it is safe to use this app or not.  Users can use this without having a fear of leakage of data.  It is the promise of the team of this app to ensure the protection of data of each and every user.

Root access means giving in-depth access to the operating system to some apps for making changes. For installing fm whatsapp,  root access is not necessary to be given.

Unfortunately, no. Fm WhatsApp is accessible to Android users only. It cannot be used in IoS until now. Perhaps in the near future,  there would be some chances of eligibility for using FM WhatsApp on iOS

Final Thoughts 

In a nutshell,  after completing this article You have acknowledged that FM Whatsapp is a revolution in the world of communication apps. It is a powerhouse of incredible capabilities with flawless enhanced functionalities.

If you are searching for versatility in your chatting adventure, then explore my website to get upgraded FM WhatsApp. I make sure that this article has provided you with all comprehensive information about FM WhatsApp and provided you with a link for a quick download. Don`t hesitate to try this astonishing version of WhatsApp and share it with your family and friends so that they can relish it.

Now you have come to know about all the ins and outs of this WhatsApp, It is time to go ahead and download this app to welcome the power of connection. If you have any queries or problems, you can inquire about them in the comment section below. My expert team will reply to you in no time.

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