FM Whatsapp Stickers & Emojies [2024]- Download Beautiful Stickers

Are you aware about FM Whatsapp stickers and emojis? Fm Whatsapp, an all-rounded messaging application, is famous for providing extra features within the app. From themes to emojis and stickers, everything is accessible to users of WhatsApp. Nowadays, people mostly use emojis and stickers during their chat with near and dear ones. 

Many People are often in search of applications that provide them with different types of emojis and stickers, as there were very limited options for emojis and stickers in the official WhatsApp. But Fm Whatsapp has an integrated feature of using and downloading different types of emojis and stickers. 

In this article, I will comprehensively elaborate on the availability of fm WhatsApp stickers and emojis. Let’s explore emojis first, and then we will move forward with stickers. 

What Are FM Whatsapp Stickers?

Stickers are larger pictures or graphics that people often use in their conversations. They’re used to display different types of emotions and situations. People use stickers in their chats according to their moods and habits.

In official whatsapp, there is no specific integrated option for finding stickers instead of downloading them from third-party apps. But FM WhatsApp stickers are there, users can be downloaded within the app. 

How To Download Stickers on FM Whatsapp

The process for downloading FM Whatsapp Stickers stickers is like stealing candy from a baby.To obtain stickers, tap the + sign I’ve highlighted in the screenshot. Once tapped, you’ll find a variety of stickers that can be saved and used.

FM Whatsapp stickers message
FM Whatsapp all stickers

 More than 20 categories of FM Whatsapp stickers are available. You can see your downloaded stickers in the ‘’My Stickers’’ option. You can delete the downloaded stickers from here. While third-party apps might provide a variety of stickers for download, it’s important to be aware of  privacy and security issues associated with using these applications. In my opinion these FM Whatsapp stickers are safe to use.

What are Emojis?

Emoji is a picture based icon(usually called pictogram) often used in texts and web pages. They are multiple in number and used for the expression of different ideas and emotions. People tend to use emojis when they are usually unable to express their emotions in conversation or texts. 

Many people use emojis to show specific emotions to their loved ones. Rather than this reason, many users use them in order to make their chat more sober and elegant.The reasons for using emojis may differ based on individual preferences and specific contexts.

Emoji Variants Available on FM Whatsapp

FM Whatsapp has various available categories of emojis. These emoji variants are available within fmwhatsapp.You don’t have to rely on third-party if you want to use some other variants of emojis. The following are available variants of emojis in FM Whatsapp. 


‘’WhatsApp’’ emoji variant is, by default, a selected option when you use FM WhatsApp for the first time. The available emojis in this version mirror those on the official website.The colors and shapes of emojis are also similar without any changes. 

IOS new 2024

‘’IOS new 2024’’ emoji variant basically consists of all the emojis of iPhones or iPads. That’s why this variant is named IOS New 2024. The emojis available in this variant are somehow different in shape, but you can observe the slight difference in their shape after close examination. The size of this variant is almost 5MB. 

iOS Variant


‘’One’’ Emoji variant is another available variant in FM WhatsApp. This variant is also slightly different from other variants in shape and color. The size of the file for downloading this variant is almost 3MB. 

One Emoji Variant


The Facebook’’ emoji variant is for those users who love to use the emojis of Facebook. Now you can use those emojis within your fm whatsapp. These emojis are the same as the emojis of Facebook. The size of the file for this variant is almost 2900 Kb(less than 3MB). 

Facebook Emoji Variant

Android 0

‘’Android 0’’ is another emoji variant available in FM WhatsApp, whose file size is almost 5MB. The emojis present in this variant are quite different from the emojis of the IOS variant. This variant is specifically designed for Android users and to make them feel using Android variant emojis. 

Android 0 Emoji Variant

System Emoji (BETA)

System emoji(Beta) is another variant designed for some specific device users but is not mentioned anywhere. Most of the emojis are the same as other variants, but a few of them are different and are not visible on some devices. Those invisible emojis are converted into a box. But they can be visible on some devices. The reason for their invisibility is still unknown. 

Beta Variant of Emoji

How To Download Emoji Variants in FM Whatsapp?

The process for downloading the above-mentioned emoji variants is as easy as Abc. All the emoji variants are available within the app. Two variants are available in FM WhatsApp without requiring any download process, but four variants are to be downloaded for usage. 

Choose Emoji Variant
Download iOS

Download buttons are available in front of the names of those variants. You just have to click on those given buttons, and they will be downloaded instantly. The file sizes are between 2-5Mbs, but you need an internet connection and a data package to download them. If your sim has only Whatsapp package, then you will be unable to download those emoji variants. 


After the FM Whatsapp stickers and emojis, users actively looked for an app that could provide personalized emojis within the application. Fm Whatsapp stickers has won the battle in this matter by providing extra topping of stickers. No need to be concerned about extra stickers, they’re easily accessible. To download FM WhatsApp, you can get it here.

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