How To Migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp [2024]

Whatsapp, a messaging application, has connected thousands of people. People started using official WhatsApp at the beginning, but with the passage of time, they tend to move to other modified versions. People migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp due to limited options in official WhatsApp. 

On the other hand, FM WhatsApp was a feature-rich application, and it is up until now. Fm WhatsApp is the best among all the modified versions of WhatsApp. In this article, I will describe the method of migration from official Whatsapp to FM Whatsapp safely. By utilizing the below-given method, you can safely use FM WhatsApp without losing the data from your official WhatsApp.

Best Methods To Migrate From Whatsapp to FM Whatsapp

Follow all the given steps chronologically if you are conscious about your data, and you do not want to face difficulty while transferring your WhatsApp account from official to FM WhatsApp. 

How To Migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp

Make a Backup from the official WhatsApp

The first step to migrate from Whatsapp to FM Whatsapp is to make a backup of data in your official WhatsApp. It will keep your data safe. For the creation of a backup, open the settings of your official Whatsapp. Scroll down to the bottom and click on the third-last option ‘’Chat Backup’’. After pressing on the option, your data backup will be created and saved into your device. Further details of backup are available within the article. 

Make Backup of official Whatsapp

Uninstall official Whatsapp

After creating the backup, uninstall official WhatsApp from your mobile if you do not want to keep the app. It is necessary to understand that you have to uninstall WhatsApp without deleting the account first and then uninstalling the app. If you delete the account first before uninstallation of official Whatsapp, you will be removed from the groups automatically you were part of.

Uninstall official Whatsapp

Download and install FM WhatsApp.

After uninstalling official WhatsApp from your mobile, it is time to download FM WhatsApp and install that in order to proceed next. The process for downloading FM WhatsApp is like shooting fish in a barrel. Click on the link to download the most recent and updated version of fm whatsapp apk. After completion of the download, install FM WhatsApp on your mobile. 

Install FM Whatsapp

Verify your number and restore the data

After installation, you have to open the app with internet connectivity. You will find two options i.e. Agree and continue, restore backup. Just choose to restore the data option. Then verify your mobile number and restore the backup of your data into fm whatsapp. A detailed procedure for restoring a backup is also discussed in the article.

Verify Number and Restore Data

Final Verdict

By practically following the above-mentioned steps, you can easily migrate from WhatsApp to FM WhatsApp safely without losing data. I have discussed the method in an easy-peasy way. 

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