Aim of FMWhatsapp

Fmwhatsup.com is dedicated to upholding others’ proprietary rights and anticipates that its users will follow suit. In order to facilitate this goal, we have put in place a DMCA policy to handle copyright violation accusations. Please follow the instructions listed below if you think that any of your copyrighted materials have been violated on our website.

We Are Not Developers

The FMWhatsApp application was not created by us initially. Independent app builders supply the APK files that we offer.

Customers Responsibilities

Users acknowledge that they are using and downloading the APK files from our web page at their own discretion. It is the user’s obligation to understand the ramifications and to take the appropriate safety measures.

No Promise Regarding Integrity of Data

Although we work hard to offer safe and secure APK files, we are not able to promise that your data will be protected when using such applications. The onus is on the user to protect the integrity and make a backup of their data.

Retaliation Notification

Let’s say you think that the content you uploaded to our platform was mistakenly erased or your ability to view it was blocked due to mistaken identification. If so, you can submit a counter-notification with our assigned agent (contact details are given below) that includes some of the following details:

  • Please indicate which content has been deleted or to which access has been restricted, as well as the URL where the content was previously available.
  • A declaration made under penalty of perjury stating that the user believes, in good faith, that the material was removed or disabled because it was incorrectly identified or mistakenly removed.

Modifications and Updates

This privacy statement is subject to alteration at any time and without prior notice on our part. It is the user’s duty to check this page for updates on a regular basis.

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