Record Calls on FM Whatsapp (2024) | Try 3 Stunning Methods

Nowadays,  People often communicate through whatsapp instead of making phone calls. Most of the time,  people have to record calls on fm whatsapp, but they are unable to do so because of restrictions on recording. If you ever wondered whether WhatsApp calls are recordable or not, be with me to know the real answer to your curiosity.

FM Whatsapp, famous for its bulk of features, does not have an integrated option to record whatsapp calls. But, it can be done via different alternative methods, i.e., Using another device, using third-party apps, etc.

This article is going to be a valuable guide for those who are looking for methods to record calls on FM WhatsApp.  Prior to discussing the methods of recording calls of FM WhatsApp, we illuminate the possible reasons for recording WhatsApp calls.

Why is it important to record calls?

People may record WhatsApp calls for different reasons. Potential reasons for recording whatsapp calls are given below. But these reasons are general; there can be other reasons depending on the situation:

  • For keeping records of someone’s discussion.
  • For entertainment or enjoyment purposes.
  • For use in the future in some affairs.
  • For resolving disputes.
  • For use against someone.
  • For presenting as proof of something in front of someone.
  • For securing important discussions like business deals and agreements.

Now we delve into the most important part of this article, which revolves around the methods of recording calls on FM WhatsApp. Do you want to deleted messages? read different methods to recover deleted messages.

Methods To Record Calls on FM Whatsapp

There are various methods to record whatsapp calls. I will elaborate on top-notch methods in an easy, peasy way. 

Methods To Record Calls on FM Whatsapp

1. Using another device

This is the traditional method of recording whatsapp calls. While making calls, you can record them on other devices. For this, you will need another device whose recorder must be on while you are on your call. This method is confidentially preserving and the safest of all. For crystal clear recordings, always use upgraded devices. 

2. Using a Built-in screen recorder

Nowadays, devices have built-in screen recorders that have made many things easy. Screen recorders are made for recording things without approaching third-party apps. You can use built-in screen recorders to record calls on FM WhatsApp. 

This method may work on some mobiles and may not work on a few. Most of the devices allow audio and video screen recording of all apps. You can check your device by trying this method one time. If your mobile screen recorder works on every app, then you can record audio and video calls on WhatsApp. You need to start the screen recorder after connecting the call.

Record Calls

3. Using third-party apps

FM Whatsapp calls can be recorded using third-party apps available on Google Play Store and other websites. Some third-party apps for recording calls are Cube call recorder, Automatic call recorder, etc. Using third-party apps for recording private calls can be risky. 

FM Whatsapp ensures end-to-end encryption of its users’ data. When you use third-party apps for recording calls, you actually connect your WhatsApp to those apps or allow those apps to connect with your WhatsApp and your mobile’s data. Well, the ball is in your court for using or avoiding third-party apps.

Use third party app to record calls

Process of Call record using third-party apps

Follow the given steps chronologically if you want to record calls on fm WhatsApp:

  • You need to download the ideal third-party app of your own choice in order to achieve your desired results. 
  • Before installation, enable installing apps from unknown resources through the settings of your device.
  • After installation, open that app and authorize the necessary permissions.
  • Now Open your FM Whatsapp and make a call.
  • The third-party app will automatically record calls on fm whatsapp, and at the end of that calls, the recording will be saved in your device’s storage.
  • The quality of recorded calls may vary from app to app. 

Frequently Asked Questions

It may vary from opinion to opinion. It is up to people whether they think it is legal or illegal to record WhatsApp calls. It cannot be confirmed whether recording whatsapp calls are legal or illegal.

Yes, it is possible to record whatsapp calls secretly. The methods mentioned above are for recording calls secretly.

No, WhatsApp calls cannot be traced. It is a promise of WhatsApp end-to-end encryption and privacy of its users.

Final Thoughts 

After reading the article, it would be as easy as ABC to record calls on fm WhatsApp. But before recording WhatsApp calls, you need to keep in mind that in some areas, recording WhatsApp calls may be banned.

It is better to seek permission from concerned people. It is a moral responsibility of yours to seek permission from that person whose call is being recorded by you. You can record calls on fm whatsapp without permission too.

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