FM WhatsApp Old Version v8.35|| Download All Versions

People often tend to use FM WhatsApp v9.98 or other old versions on their Mobiles for various reasons but are unable to find and download FM WhatsApp old versions. The possible reasons for using the older version may vary from person to person. Some people use older versions due to compatibility with their Android. 

Some people have old mobiles that do not support the latest version of FM WhatsApp. Some people do not know how to update fm WhatsApp to the latest version. That’s why they use an older version of FM WhatsApp. If your device is also not supporting fm whatsapp latest version, then go with fm whatsapp download old version.

In the below section, I have mentioned old versions of FM WhatsApp. Now I’ll describe their characteristics. After reading these characteristics you may choose the best version of FM Whatsapp according to your needs.

Information About FM Whatsapp Old Version

FM Whatsapp Old Version Characteristics

FM Whatsapp v8.86

  • The size of this version 8.86 was 52.1 MB.
  • This version had modified themes and privacy options which were limited in previous version.
  • It allowed its users to share file with unlimited people.
  • There were plenty of customization options launched in this version

Fm Whatsapp V9.95

  • The File Size of this version was Almost 76.2 MB
  • A Ghost Mode Option was added in this version.
  • People will be unable to see blue ticks for opened messages.
  • Many bugs and glitches regarding other options were fixed, like Hide View Status and Anti View Once options.

Fm Whatsapp V9.82

  • The File Size for this version was almost 70 Mb.
  • An incredible option was added in this update named “Mark as Read” in the individual chats. This Option was dedicated to working while the hide blue tick option was enabled. 
  • In the FM WhatsApp v9.82 version, random crashes and general bugs were fixed. 
  • The crash of stories was fixed in this version.
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