How To Hide and Unhide Groups in FM Whatsapp [2024] – Full Guidance

In Whatsapp, People can create groups with their desired people in order to chat with them collectively and share data with all the people at the same time. But at the same, they face problems related to hide and unhide groups in FM Whatsapp.

Most of the time, you become a member of some groups you want to put aside, away from the access of all people. If you want to hide some groups in some other place, you can not do so on official Whatsapp. 

A built-in feature to hide and unhide groups in FM WhatsApp is available.  You will be bewildered to know that you can even Hide Chat of groups you are a member of. 

If you are part of some group that you want to hide from other people or you don’t want to see that group in the user interface of FM Whatsapp, then this option of hiding your group is tailor-made for you. Be with me for complete how-know of this amazing feature of FM Whatsapp. 

Hide And Unhide Groups in FM Whatsapp

Following are step by step guidelines how you can hide & unhide your groups in FM Whatsapp.

Guidelines to Hide and Unhide Groups

Hide Groups in FM Whatsapp

Another stunning feature that FM Whatspp brings for users is hiding groups. In simpler term; users can hide their groups from others. If you also want FM Whatsapp group then follow following guidelines.

Steps To Hide Groups

  • Open FM Whatsapp App
  • Find out the group you want to hide
  • Long press on that group and select that
  • After selecting that group, you will see different options on the front bar.
  • From other visible icons, you have to choose the icon that will be similar to the eye and cross on that eye.
  • Clicking on that icon will require a password or pattern, and then the group will be hidden successfully.
IMG 20240127 WA0013
IMG 20240127 WA0012

Unhide Groups in FM Whatsapp

Unhiding a group in FM WhatsApp means making the hidden group visible to all people and showing that group on the main chat screen of FM WhatsApp.

If you want to unhide a group in FM WhatsApp after hiding, then the process of unhiding the group will be as easy as ABC after reading the following steps and putting them into action.

Steps To Unhide Groups

Let’s delve into the steps.

  • Access the Hide Chat area by clicking on the icon of FM Whatsapp present on the top left corner of the main screen of Your FM WhatsApp.
  • It will require the password or pattern you once chose while hiding the group.
  • After entering the password, the hidden chats and groups screen will open.
  • Select the group you want to unhide and long press on that group to select that.
  • After selection, different icons will be visible on the top-notch bar of your mobile screen.
  • You have to choose an icon similar to the eye.
  • After pressing on that icon, the group will be unhidden successfully

Isn’t it easily achievable? It is easily achievable to hide and unhide groups in FM Whatsapp after reading the steps in this article.

IMG 20240127 WA0015
IMG 20240127 WA0012 1
IMG 20240127 WA0014
IMG 20240127 WA0016


Now, the steps will be crystal clear for you if you want to hide your desired group or unhide that group from the hidden chats section. I have discussed all the steps to hide and unhide groups in FM WhatsApp in an easy-peasy way. If you have any confusion, do comment here.

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