FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp [2024] – Which One is Best?

Have you ever compared FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp and decide which one is best? Recall your old days when you used an SMS app for sending your message. But after some time, whatsapp transformed the way you communicate with others.Now, you can enjoy a more thrilling upgraded version of WhatsApp, like GB WhatsApp and FM WhatsApp.

Both are messaging apps with some extra features like privacy settings and customisation options that provide us access to those variations that are not present on official websites and make our lives easier.

Now people are worried about which one to choose from—take your pick. But don’t be bothered; I will discuss complete details on the FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp in this article. It will help you to choose one useful Mod APK which will be beneficial for you.

Now we are going to discuss some important features of both chatting apps, on the basis of these features we’ll make a comparison of FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp, to tell you which one should be selected and why. Therefore, before downloading the app, read our complete article.

Best Features: FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp

 Both apps have some variations to engage their audience, which are given below.

Top Features of FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp

 User Interface

The user interface is basically a graphic design and layout of any app consisting of Menus and buttons. Both apps have the same user interface as they are updated versions of WhatsApp.

 However, they may have some distinctions in terms of icons, colors, and some extra variation they offer. In both FM Whatsapp FM WhatsApp And GB WhatsApp and GB Whatsapp applications, you can change font size, font color, and theme according to your taste. 

Privacy And Security

Privacy is necessary for using any message application like FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp. Both these apps claim to give us end-to-end encryption for our messages, which means that only the deliverer and receiver can read messages. But we need to stay updated with its latest version to ensure this encryption.

Furthermore, you can keep your online status, view status veiled, and freeze your last seen in FM WhatsApp and GB WhatsApp if you want.

Both FM Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp are not official apps developed by external developers. Therefore, it is vital to download it from trusted sources like my website to reduce the risk of any virus. One more thing you should remember about the privacy and security of these apps is not to pay attention to unnecessary permission promoted by apps during the installation process.

Anti-Delete Messages 

Both FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp have an amazing feature called anti-delete messages, which allows you to read a message if your family or friends deleted it after sending it. If someone sends you a text but deletes it for some reason, you can still view it.

 To recover the deleted messages, you have to enable the option of anti-delete messages. Both FM Whatsapp and gb Whatsapp have the same procedure as this.

Go to settings > Move to privacy and security > Allow anti-delete messages option. 

Anti Delete Status

Similarly, you can see the deleted status of your contact numbers if they deleted it in both FM Whatsapp and gb Whatsapp. This feature can be handy for you if you missed the status before it was removed.

Here is also the same process to enable the setting of anti-delete status in both applications.

 Go to gb/fm setting> Go to privacy and security> scroll down> allow anti-delete status option. 

Sending Limit 

In official WhatsApp, there is a limitation on sending a picture of up to 30. But both FM Whatsapp and gb Whatsapp are capable of sharing files and media more than 30 at a time. You can also send large size videos in these apps.

Screenshots of of FM Whatsapp And GB Whatsapp

Pros And Cons of FM Whatsapp And GB Whatsapp 

FM Whatsapp and gb Whatsapp, unofficial apps not linked with Facebook, have some advantages and disadvantages. Some pros and cons are given below to enable you to select one application.

Pros of FM Whatsapp And GB Whatsapp 

  •   Both FM Whatsapp and GB WhatsApp offer you some extra privacy options like hiding online status, blue ticks, and typing status.
  • You can customize your FM Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp experience with different fonts, styles, and themes.
  • You can send images of more than 50 at the same time in both applications.
  • If you are using FM Whatsapp or GB Whatsapp, then FM Whatsapp allows you to send large files up to 700 MBs, and in GB Whatsapp, you can send large media of 50 MB.
  •  You can view anti-delete messages and status in both FM Whatsapp and gb Whatsapp.
  • These applications permit you to use multiple accounts on your single device.
  • Both applications offer you some extra variation like scheduling text, auto-reply and more.
  • You are enabled to send a status of more than 30 seconds in both apps.

Cons of FM Whatsapp And GB Whatsapp

  • Both modified versions, FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, are created by third-party apps not present in the Google Play store. The founder of FM Whatsapp is Fouad Mokdad. GB WhatsApp was created by AlexMods. Therefore, they may not have the equal footing of security as official WhatsApp offers.
  • Using updated editions, FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, is against the terms of services of Whatsapp. While its developers are offering some anti-ban features, there is still a chance of your account being banned permanently by WhatsApp. 
  • The risk factor is present in using FM Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp due to unofficial apps. So, it will take time to send a notification of updates. If you don’t update your WhatsApp, then it may stop working.

Final Verdict

In brief, after comparing FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp, it is apparent that both apps offer amazing variation and customization options. However, it is necessary to consider its potential advantages and disadvantages, like data privacy, official support, and data concerns, before downloading it.

 I gave you complete information about FM Whatsapp vs GB WhatsApp, and I ensured that it will help you choose one helpful app. Now, it depends on your preferences and priorities, which app suits you. However, according to knowledge of FM Whatsapp vs GB Whatsapp, FM WhatsApp is more reliable than GB Whatsapp.

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