FM Whatsapp Tips And Tricks – Hidden Features

FM Whatsapp, a feature-rich messaging application, is famous for providing the options that users love to use. Due to the availability of extra features, people love to use FM WhatsApp instead of some other WhatsApp. Most of the options in FM WhatsApp are hidden in menus. 

In this article, I will share some top-notch FM Whatsapp tips and tricks that will help you to make this app more useful for you and will help you to find hidden options and tips to use those options for your ease. I recommend these FM Whatsapp tips and tricks because I am using these things.  Let’s explore a few recommendations on Fm WhatsApp.

How To Use FM Whatsapp Tips And Tricks

The following are top 10 FM Whatsapp tips and tricks and read them carefully.

1. Change-Able Icons

The icon of FM Whatsapp can be changed, whether it is a Notification Icon or a Launcher Icon. You can change icons from the ‘’Universal’’ setting present in FM Mods. 

You have the option to select both the color and style of the icon according to your taste. Almost 30+ Icons of different colors and styles are present in the setting. The setting details are as follows.

Fm Mods-> Universal-> Styles-> Launcher Icons and Notification Icons

Change Notification Icon
Change Icon

You can use this tip to change the icons and use diverse color icons to feel aesthetic and amused while receiving notifications. 

2. Set The Home Screen By Adding Your Name And About

If you want to make the user interface of FM Whatsapp more catchy, You can set your Name and About on the home screen of whatsapp. You can set these things by your own choice. 

It will appear in the upper-left corner of the Fm WhatsApp home screen. It will provide a premium look if you choose a name with different stylish fonts. Options for utilizing this setting are given below. 

Fm Mods-> Home Screen-> Header-> Set my name & Disable Status under my name.

Set your home name

The name and About can also be changed from Whatsapp Settings. You can disable these options through the same settings if you don’t want to see your name and About on the main screen of your fm whatsapp. 

3. Exclude The Time And Date When Copying Messages

This is a hidden feature in fm whatsapp.Several users are not aware of this feature. I will share a trick to use this feature if you are one of those who copy more than two messages at a time. 

You have observed that in official WhatsApp if you copy two or more two text messages of someone, the date and time of the messages are also copied automatically. This thing creates disturbance and looks awkward if You need to convey those messages to someone.

In FM WhatsApp, You can Exclude the time and date when copying messages.You can copy multiple messages at one time skipping their date and time of receiving or sending. You can locate the option in the following settings.

FM Mods-> Conversation Screen-> Enable Hide date and time option

Exclude The Time And Date

If you want to copy the date and time with your texts, you can turn off this option from the same settings. 

4. Contact Online Toast And its Location

This is the mind-blowing option available only in the FM WhatsApp mod apk. By utilizing this option,You can quickly find out who’s online in your contact list without opening their chat.Online toast will be visible on your main screen whether someone is online.

You can even set the location of online toast, whether it would be visible on the top, middle, or bottom of the main screen. By using this trick, you can secretly observe someone’s routine of coming online. You can set some ringtone if you want to set a ringtone with online toast. 

Following is the setting pattern through which you can find these options. 

Fm Mods-> Home Screen-> Disable Contact Online toast & online toast location

Contact Online Toast And its Location

5. Custom Notifications

Notifications are important because they keep us aware of updates. Custom Notifications option is another entry in Fm Whatsapp that helps us to customize notifications of individual chats of someone or some group.

 We can utilize the Custom Notifications option on specific contacts and specific groups according to our own choice. You can choose tones and vibration duration by your choice. Popup notifications are still not available in custom notifications. Sooner or later, it will be functional. You can use custom notifications for multiple contacts and groups without any limitation of contacts.  

You can access the custom notifications option by clicking on the contact name while chatting and scrolling down the settings. 

Custom Notifications

6. Media Auto Download For Specific Chats

Auto download media option for all chats was already available in all types of Whatsapp. But this trick is related to auto download media of some specific chat, whether it is individual chat or group chat. This option is available in every chat group and individual chat.  

You can enable this option from the settings and can select the format of media you want to download automatically. If you enable the Media Auto-Download Option for some chat, the media will be downloaded and saved in the gallery if you have a stable internet connection. 

Media Auto Download

7. Custom Fonts

Custom fonts mean the fonts of your own choice. By following this trick, you can choose fonts on your own instead of relying on the default font of Fm Whatsapp. Fonts style can be changed from the settings.There are over 50 font styles to choose from, that are integrated within FM WhatsApp.

Some of the font styles are for Arabic writings. If you think that your desired font style is not available in the options, you can download that style from Google and load that to FM WhatsApp easily.

Custom Fonts

8. Viewed Story Toast

Stories and statuses are often updated by users on fm WhatsApp. By using the following trick, you can immediately be aware of those people who have seen your whatsapp status. 

You just have to enable the ‘’Viewed Story Toast’’ option from the settings, and you will receive a toast notification when someone watches the status. 

Chronological settings for reaching this setting are given below.

FM Mods-> Home Screen-> Enable/ Disable Viewed Story Toast Option

Viewed Story Toast

9. Default Language For Translation

We all know that there is an integrated language translator in FM Whatsapp. But I am going to share a trick through which you can select the default language for translation and can easily translate messages into the default language instead of repetitive language changes. This trick is useful when you often translate messages to some specific language.

You can select a default language from 15+ languages available in the setting of the default language.You can locate this option within the following settings.

FM Mods-> Universal-> Setting-> Default Translation Language

Default Language

10. Remove Read More…

This trick is most valuable for those people who tend to read longer text messages and feel sick by clicking the read more option again and again. You can remove the read more option only from Fm Whatsapp and can read the whole message without any pause.

 Enabling this option can cause problems for you if you don’t want to read a longer message. Following are sequential settings for finding this option. 

Fm Mods-> Conversation Screen-> Bubble and Ticks-> Remove Read more…

Remove Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

You can change the fm whatsapp icon from the FMMods setting. For Complete Process of changing icon, read the first Point “Change-Able Icons”

Unfortunately, the Icon names of FM Whatsapp cannot be changed. They are named by default by their developer FM Mokdad.


The tips I have shared in the article are considered among top-notch FM Whatsapp tips and tricks. Although there are alot of other tips available, they are lesser known than these. All the FM Whatsapp tips and tricks are highly recommended to be tested. 

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