How To Hide & Unhide Chat in FM Whatsapp (2024) | Best Techniques

Do you want to unhide chat in FM Whatsapp? People love to communicate with others on FM WhatsApp but are very conscious about their privacy . Privacy is crucial to protect and control our personal information and allow us to save our data. Some people have private chats, and they want to keep them protected. To keep their chats private and secure, they tend to find hide and unhide chat options in FM WhatsApp.

Therefore, the FM Whatsapp community launched a security system of hiding chat to hold their conversation confidential. FM Whatsapp provide you with its marvelous functions to hide and unhide your discussion.

This article is mainly concerned with the description of the process of hiding chat in FM WhatsApp, and along with it, we will also discuss how to unhide Chat in FM WhatsApp. I will give a step-by-step guide to proceed with the process of hiding and unhiding the individual chats.

Hide Chat in FM Whatsapp

Hide chat in Whatsapp means maintaining it invisible from the main chat list but can be easily accessible when you want to reach it. This is very helpful for those who want to avoid taking any risk of information falling into the wrong hands.

Hide Chat in FM Whatsapp

It ensures you maintain your Chat secure and only obtainable to you. With this astonishing feature, you can stop others from accidentally coming across your confidential and private details.

Steps to Hide Chat in FM Whatsapp

A few steps are given below in a sequential manner. If you want to avoid problems during practical implementation, follow the steps chronologically.

  • First of all, open the FM Whatsapp from your app drawer on your phone.
  • Move to the chat screen.
  • Tab and long press the conversation that you want to hide.
  • A menu bar will appear on the right side with several choices. Click on the three-dotted option.
Select Three Dots
  • Next, click the hide chat option.
Select Hide Chat
  • After clicking hide chat, the screen will display three alternatives: Pattern, PIN, and Fingerprint. Now, you can click on anyone you feel self-assured with.
Choose Privacy Option
  • Finally, your Chat will be moved to hide.
  • when you complete the above steps; then, you will return to your home screen. Tab the three dots again
  • Press the “hide chat” option
  • Finally, re-enter the pattern to confirm the hiding process

The Hide Chat option is helpful for those who want to secure their Chat. If you are sensitive about your data and do not want to exchange it, it can offer you tranquility, knowing that it is not easily reachable. But later, if you wish to re-access it, you can easily unhide it.

Unhide Chat in FM WhatsApp

Unhiding Chat doesn’t mean deleting it, but sometimes you hide your Chat and want to view it again for nostalgia, then you can choose the unhide Chat option. Then, by revealing the Chat, you can readily continue the conversation and reestablish a link with that person.

Unhide Chat in FM Whatsapp

Many people opt for an unhidden chat for different reasons. Some people want to revisit and interact with their previous conversation. Unhiding Chat allows them to control their Chat according to present needs and prevents them from missing out on any essential message. The following are best techniques to unhide chat in FM Whatsapp.

Steps to Unhide Chat in FM WhatsApp

If you want to unhide the chat you have once hidden, below are step-by-step steps. You can follow the steps to gain fruitful results.

  • Open the app on your Android.
  • Then press the icon of FM WhatsApp, which is at hand on the right side of your display interface.
Select Whatsapp Option
  • Now draw the pattern, pin, or fingerprint, whatever you used to hide your Chat.
  • Then, the Chat that you hide will appear in your display.
  • View the icon that seems like an eye on the right side of your screen and click on it.
Choose Unhide Option
  • You will be escalated to enter the pattern once you select to unlock your Chat.
  • Now your Chat has been successfully renewed.
  • Following these procedures will facilitate you to unlock your confidential information, which you want to preserve in privacy.

Benefits Of Hiding and Unhiding Chats

If someone wants to utilize the hide-and-unhide chat options, it is important to know their benefits.

These options can be used 

  • For the sake of protecting their data
  • To keep their special chats secret
  • Want to hide chat from someone

Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden Chats can be found by clicking on the FM Whatsapp icon or your name present on the left side of the header of FM WhatsApp. 

Yes, You can hide Chats in FM WhatsApp until you do not unhide by your own choice.

The number will be hidden from the main screen bar, but it will be visible in the hidden chats section. 

Final Thoughts

This article was mainly concerned to unhide chat in FM WhatsApp. These two options can be used by you if you are a user of FM WhatsApp, an instant messaging application. The steps I have described in the article to hide and unhide chat in FM WhatsApp will help you to find the options smoothly.

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