How To Share Location on FM WhatsApp (2024) | Complete Guidelines

FM Whatsapp, a messaging application, is also famous for its extra features like sharing data in different formats and sharing locations with your near and dear ones. The location share option has made the lives of users easy.

Many people are unfamiliar how to share location on FM Whatsapp with their desired people and are unable to differentiate and choose between the types of locations. 

In this article, I will share top-notch methods of sharing different types of locations on fm WhatsApp with detailed descriptions addressing common problems that people often face while sharing WhatsApp locations.

Sharing location on fm whatsapp means to share with someone the exact point where you are. It also means to share the address of some place with some person. Location share in fm whatsapp is actually connected to the device’s global positioning system(GPS) or internet for the sake of sharing authentic location. 

Types of Location on FM Whatsapp

Basically, there are two types of locations available you find while sharing.  

Types of Location

Live location

Live location means the updated location of your place. It shows the most recent location of someone, whether they are travelling and changing places or sticking to someplace. If this option is not available then update FM Whatsapp.

Live location may keep changing every second if the person who has shared the location is changing his location/ place constantly. You need an active internet connection on your device if you want to share a live location on fm whatsapp. 

Step-by-step guide to share live location

If you want to share a live location with someone without facing any problems, then follow the given steps chronologically:

  • Open FM WhatsApp on your Android mobile.
  • Select and open the chat of the person whom you want to share your live location with. 
  • I have pointed out a paperclip icon below; you have to click on that. After clicking, you will find a lot of options, i.e., picture, video, document, and location. 
Open Chat
  • Click on the location option.
Click on Location Button
  • If your device’s GPS is disabled, then you have to enable that before sharing the location.
Disable GPS
  • Choose the “share live location” option.
Share Live Location
  • It will ask you the time, i.e., 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8 hours. It means live location can be limited to a specific time.
Choose Duration of Share Location
  • You can add some notes or comments from the option with a time limitation.
  • Click on share location, and it will be shared with the contact. 
  • You can stop sharing the location before the scheduled time by clicking on the stop sharing option.
Stop Sharing

Current location

Another type of location is the current location. You can share your current location on FM WhatsApp, too. Current location means specific or pointed out location that is near to accurate. It is actually a location where you are particularly at some point. It will not be updated time by time if you leave the place after sharing the location. 

Step-by-step guide to share current location

  • Open the location option from chat by clicking on the attachment option.
  • Click on the “share current location” option.
Send Current Location
  • It will share your current location with your contact.
Shared Location
  • For sending the correct location, your mobile must be connected to the internet or GPS.
  • The current location is considered the most accurate location, but it may be wrong due to no connection or a weak internet connection. 

Pros and Cons of location sharing

Location sharing on FM WhatsApp has made the lives of users convenient. But it may affect the lives of users. Following are some pros and cons location sharing.

Pros of Location Sharing

  • By sharing location, you can let your near and dear ones know the exact place where you are.
  • By sharing a live location, your loved ones can see your location.
  • You can stay connected with others.

Cons of Location Sharing

  • Location sharing weakens your protection. It may cause problems for you if you wrongly share a location with some rivals.
  • It may cause your device’s battery drain issue.
  • You may face data security issues.

Precautions while location sharing

  • Only share the location with your familiar ones.
  • The matter of sharing location with anonymous people is your own decision. You are your boss in this matter.
  • If you share a live location, then share it for a limited time.
  • You should be aware of the battery condition of your device to prevent a stopping location in the middle.

Other alternative methods for location-sharing

The method mentioned above was about sharing location via a purely integrated feature of fm WhatsApp. There are alternative methods for sharing location, i.e., Google Maps, Find My Friends, and Using trusted contacts apps. All these mentioned apps are third-party apps that may cause problems for your data security. 

Alternative Methods For Sharing Location

Final Thoughts

By utilizing this option, you can keep in touch with your precious ones. Sharing location on FM WhatsApp will be as easy as ABC after reading the article now. 

If you have not used this option before, then it is necessary to know the process of performing it. I have discussed the first-rate methods for sharing location on fm whatsapp. While sharing location and these types of things, you have to keep in mind the protection of your data and your life.

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