How To Download Status on Fm Whatsapp (2024) || 4 Unbelievable Methods

Do you want to download status on FM Whatsapp? People often share Pictures and Videos on their FM Whatsapp status in order to show off those things to their saved contacts instead of sending them individually. Many users encounter difficulties while downloading WhatsApp statuses shared by others. They often waste their time searching for reliable methods to download those statuses.

Whatsapp Status can be downloaded with the help of a Built-in feature available in FM Whatsapp. Besides this method, statuses can be downloaded via third-party apps depending on your own choice. 

This article is going to be a helpful guide for you if you are looking for a detailed description of methods to download status on FM Whatsapp. Before proceeding to methods of downloading statuses on whatsapp, it is important to consider the psyche of people as to why they upload statuses on FM WhatsApp.

Why people download Whatsapp Status?

People download WhatsApp statuses for various reasons. People tend to upload statuses according to their own needs and tastes. Possible reasons are given below:

  • To keep personal memory
  • To share with near and dear ones
  • In order to use that status in some other way
  • Enjoy the video or picture again by saving it to your phone’s gallery

Methods to Download Status on FM Whatsapp

There are a variety of methods to download status on fm whatsapp. We will discuss top-notch methods of downloading status for the sake of the user’s ease. Most of the methods will work on every version of WhatsApp, whether it is official, FM WhatsApp, GB WhatsApp, or some other versions. 

Methods To Download Status on FM Whatsapp

1. Built-in feature 

FM Whatsapp has a built-in feature to download whatsapp status. There is no need to use any other app for downloading Whatsapp Status when you are using fm whatsapp. While watching the Whatsapp status of anyone, you will find an integrated option for saving status in the bottom bar of that status. 

You can download that status by clicking on the option. The status will automatically be saved to your mobile’s gallery. The download status button is indicated in the screenshot below. 

Click on Save Option

2. Integrated feature of MX Player

It is an additional method for all Whatsapp users. If the above-mentioned integrated feature of FM Whatsapp does not work or you are using official Whatsapp, then you can utilize this method for your ease. 

You just have to click on three lines present in the top left corner of the user interface of MX Player. There, you will find the ‘’Whatsapp Status Saver’’ option. By using that option you can save Whatsapp Status shared by your contacts and can see already saved statuses.

Click on Whatsapp Saver

3. Using Snaptube

You can save Whatsapp status in your mobile’s gallery by using Snaptube. Snaptube, an instant video downloading app, has the feature of Whatsapp Status Download in the setting. For Snaptube users, status downloading is as easy as abc. 

Use Snaptube

4. Dedicated third-party apps

There are a lot of dedicated third-party apps available on the Google Play Store for saving Whatsapp Statuses. You can choose any one of your choices. Some of the dedicated apps are Status saver-download status, Status saver-video saver, status sticker saver, etc. You can use them for your purposes. 

Use Third Party App

Note: If you have an integrated option in your WhatsApp application and you are using FM WhatsApp or another latest version of WhatsApp, then do utilise the built-in feature of saving WhatsApp status instead of using any third-party app. If you’re not able to download your status then must update FM Whatsapp.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, users can download WhatsApp status on both Android and IOS. The apps for downloading statuses will be different for Android and IOS devices.

No, you can download whatsapp status secretly without letting the people be informed. 

Yes, Whatsapp Status can be downloaded in different formats, i.e., photos, videos, and voice.

Final Thoughts

After reading the methods mentioned above for downloading statuses, it will not be a hard nut to crack. But data connection must be enabled while saving whatsapp status. And keep updating the app you are using in order to avoid bugs and glitches and for the smooth working of that app.

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