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FM Whatsapp, a messaging application, is famous for its specific features. The send and delete messages option is available in FM WhatsApp and other applications. The message you send can be deleted for everyone at a particular time as well as you can recover deleted messages on FM Whatsapp.

Once the message is deleted for everyone, it is often removed from both sides: sender and Receiver. In search of instructions on restoring deleted messages in FM WhatsApp, stay with us and read the entire article to comprehend the process of message recovery.

Concept of recovering deleted messages

Before delving into how to recover deleted messages on FM Whatsapp, let’s understand the concept of recovering deleted messages. Recovering deleted messages means preventing the removal of messages from everyone after deleting them. It also means keeping messages in your chat, which can be readable after deletion. 

Why do people recover deleted messages?

It is vital to understand the importance of keeping deleted messages. It is the last resort for you if you are a curious cat and want to read messages deleted for everyone by the sender. You can read deleted messages as a receiver using the methods below. 

Methods to recover deleted messages on FM Whatsapp

There are numerous methods to recover deleted messages on FM Whatsapp. You can utilise the methods of your own choice. 

Methods To Recover Messages

1. Built-in feature

Deleted messages can be recovered automatically in FM WhatsApp. If you want to keep deleted messages, turn on the option “Anti-Delete Messages” given in the screenshot. After enabling the option, messages will not be deleted. You cannot keep deleted messages if you turn off the “Anti-Delete option.” Utilize this built-in feature for keeping messages. 

Check Anti Deleted Message Option

2. By Using Third-Party Apps

You can read deleted messages by using third-party apps. But this method is for official Whatsapp users or those whose FM Whatsapp built-in feature of Anti-delete messages needs to be fixed. You can use some apps for reading and keeping deleted messages, which may work fine, but I do not recommend them. You can face privacy issues by using those apps. 

You can find WhatsDelete and other apps from the Play Store and Google if you have to use them at your own risk. 

Use Third APP

3. Backup Method

The last and least method for recovering deleted messages is the Backup method. The Backup Method is not directly for reading deleted messages but is more concerned with the recovery of messages. Suppose you are an FM WhatsApp user who has already enabled the Anti Delete Messages option. 

In this instance, you can recover or restore all messages, regardless of whether they were deleted for everyone or others. This method differs considerably from the other two means. The previous two methods emphasize reading and keeping deleted messages, whereas this backup method is centered on recovering deleted messages, creating backups, and restoring message backups.

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Final Thoughts

At the end of this article, you must think that reading and recovering deleted messages can be done with shut eyes. There may be other methods to recover deleted messages on FM Whatsapp, but the methods mentioned above are the most reliable. 

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