Top 10 Surprising Theme of Fm Whatsapp [2024] – How To Download?

FM Whatsapp, a modified version of Whatsapp, has become the need of all people as it is the most important tool to communicate with near and dear ones. It is most known for the availability of diverse themes that add aesthetic sense while using those themes in the user interface of the app. 

4032 available themes in FM WHatsapp are integrated within the app. We can download and use those themes of our choice. In this article, I will disclose the top 10 theme of FM Whatsapp that people love to use. 

The choice of themes may vary from person to person, but generally, these 10 themes are considered the best theme of fm WhatsApp. Let’s examine the wonderful theme of fm whatsapp comprehensively.

Best Recommended Theme of FM Whatsapp

Below are top 10 amazing theme of FM Whatsapp . If you want to enhance your experience with FM Whatsapp them must try these themes.

1. Yo Blue

Yo Blue is the best among the available theme of fm WhatsApp. If you enable the Yo Blue theme on the user interface of fm whatsapp, the top-notch and bottom bars will show in blue color. It is a widely known opinion among many people that blue represents a condition of calmness and peace. 

Yo Blue
Yo Blue Theme

Boom! You can use this theme to gain artistic pleasure while using the app. This theme will help you to prevent from getting bored with the user interface of fm WhatsApp. Yo Blue theme can be downloaded within the app as it is available in the integrated themes section.

2. Yo White

I have also included the Yo White theme of Fm Whatsapp among one of the top themes. I did so due to its fresh and simple outlook. This theme will be the beloved of white lovers. If you enable the theme, all the user interfaces and the things shown in the interface will be changed to white. 

Yo White
Yo White Theme

White color is often associated with the concept of freshness and purity. So, this theme will amuse you while using the app and will be beneficial for keeping you fresh and pure. Yo White theme can be downloaded within Fm Whatsapp.

3. Yo Dark

Yo Dark is also a famous theme of FM WhatsApp that people often love to use. The top and bottom bars of the main screen of FM WhatsApp will be dark while using the theme. 

Yo Dark
Yo Dark Theme

The dark color is often associated with sophistication and mystery, but not necessarily for these purposes; people tend to use this theme. There can be other various reasons for using the dark theme. People often use dark themes in order to avoid heavy lights and to keep their eyes relaxed.

4. Yo Messenger

Yo Messenger is also considered among some of the best theme of WhatsApp. Basically, Facebook and WhatsApp are owned by a company named Meta. So, most people are quite interested in using Messenger due to its pretty interface. 

Yo Messenger
Yo Messenger Theme

FM Whatsapp has provided a theme named Yo Messenger, whose interface is a photocopy of Messenger, a messaging application of Facebook. This theme is a blessing in disguise if you once wanted to use the user interface of Messenger in WHatsapp. Now, you can use it without any inconvenience.  

5. Yo Telegram

Yo Telegram theme is named after Telegram, an instant messaging application. Telegram was basically launched for IOS devices, but later, it was also launched for Android users. It gained popularity for its better user interface and features.

Yo Telegram
Yo Telegram Theme

By using the Yo Telegram theme in FM WhatsApp, You can have the feel of using Telegram. The options present on the main screen will be like the options of Telegram. Consider applying this theme to alter the look of your WhatsApp.By default, the Yo Telegram theme will show the color of the corners as blue. 

6. Yo Twitter

If You want a Twitter-like feel on FM Whatsapp’s main screen, you can use this theme. This theme will provide an almost similar outlook to Twitter. The color of the top and bottom bars will be bluish-green while using this theme. 

Yo Twitter
Yo Twitter Theme

We all know that the updated name of Twitter is X, but the developer of Fm Whatsapp has not changed the name of the theme to X Theme. Well, it is a plus point for Twitter interface lovers that you can download this theme from FM WhatsApp and use it. 

7. Yo Feminino

I have placed the Yo Feminino theme among one of the top theme of FM WhatsApp due to its popularity among women. Feminino word refers to feminism which is basically an approach that supports women and talks about their rights. 

Yo Feminino
Yo Feminino Theme

The color of the main screen in this theme is pink. The fonts are also pink in color. So it looks quite feminine theme but can be used by men too. This theme is popular among users due to its usage of soft and pastel color. 

8. Bella Ciao 

Bella Ciao is also the best theme in the interface of FM Whatsapp. Bella ciao is, in fact, an Italian folk song sung by certain workers. The “Money Heist” season also features this song.

Bella Ciao
Bella Ciao Theme

The Bella Ciao theme shows the concept of rebellion and resistance. Many people use this theme in their WhatsApp for the sake of showing love during the Money Heist Season. A full black interface is shown when you enable this theme. 

9. Black Cat

It is also considered the top theme in FM WhatsApp due to its use of vibrant colors. However, you will not be able to find a cat within the theme. The color combination in the theme is simply stunning; so beautiful, so elegant, truly fascinating.

Back Cat
Black Cat Theme

If You enable this theme, the main screen interface will be in black, and the messages and fonts of the text will be in light blue. All the options are in Light Blue color. This theme is often associated with mystery. There can be cat-themed icons with dark backgrounds on some devices, but on my device, I could not find a cat icon.

10. Anime Themes

Anime are animated characters that basically originated from Japan. FM Whatsapp offers a variety of anime themes that are based on some popular anime characters of some series. People who are in love with watching anime use these types of themes in FM Whatsapp. 

Anime Theme

The other reason for the attraction of Anime themes is the usage of eye-catching and exuberant colors in the interface. You can enjoy using anime themes within the app by downloading the theme of FM Whatsapp. 

How To Download Themes in FM Whatsapp? 

There is no rocket science in downloading themes on fmwhatsapp. A collection of various themes is present within the app. You can download by just selecting your favorite theme and clicking on the download button present in front of the name of that theme. 

How To Download Theme
Install Theme

If you are unable to find the desired theme within the collection, you can download that theme from Google and load the theme into fm WhatsApp. The process is quite easy. You just have to select the desired theme from the storage of memory and load that simply. 


Trying different theme of FM WhatsApp will be amusing for you, as it was amazing for me also when I tried these. Changing themes makes everyone relax and feel good due to the pretty interface and usage of diverse colors. I have mentioned the best theme of FM WhatsApp in the article that were tried by me. All the themes mentioned above are available within the app. 

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